Ciaran, Stuart, Stephen and Don

the men behind the music

Stuart Blackwood

Stuart Blackwood - Guitarist/Vocalist

Stuart is one of the voices of the band, while also regularly found playing funky rhythm parts and ripping blues solos.  Hugely experienced, having working in the music industry for nearly 25 years as a performer and educator, he's played nearly everywhere you could have, from Arran to Aberdeen to America!

FUN FACT: Stuart wishes he was Paul McCartney

Donald Watson

Donald Watson - Drums/Vocals

Donald is the powerhouse of the rhythm section, while also regularly surprising people as being the hidden voice of the band.  Donald has gigged in bands for 20 years, being hugely experienced and is the 'hip' member of the band.

FUN FACT: At Oktoberfest, Don has a tent named after him.

Ciaran O'Driscoll

Ciaran O'Driscoll - Keyboards

Ciaran is the educated one, bringing some serious sonic power and frankly a touch of class.  He comes from a background of ceilidh and function bands, and is a hugely talented teacher, arranger and accompanist when not playing with Sound Cradle.  

FUN FACT: Ciaran once appeared as a character called Terry on the childrens TV show Balamory.

Stephen Robbie

Stephen Robbie - Bass/Backing Vocals

Stephen deals with the groove of the band, completing the rhythm section.  Away from the band, he is also a guitar teacher, choir conductor and accompanist, which all keep him quite busy!

FUN FACT:  Stephen once challenged Chuck Norris to an arm-wrestle and won.



The Deps

In the unlikely event that one of the members of the band are unable to play for your event, we have a superb line up of deputies who can stand in and make the evening just as special.


Tom Dallas - Bass Guitar


Andrew is a wonderful player who shares many of the same favourite bands as the rest of us.  He is also the regular drummer for Scottish ceilidh band Crowded Croft.

Tom is a young, upcoming player who currently is playing all over Scotland with his own function band, The Apollos, as well as Hector Bizerk and Let Love Rule.  A busy man!


As well as a wonderful keyboard and piano player, Tricia is also a music teacher and the bands style advisor.

Dave Murphy - guitar and vocals

Dave is a long time friend of the band, and has a massive amount of experience having previously played for Heskey with Stuart and Boogie Hookup.